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The main eno-gastronomic guides (Michelin, Il Gambero Rosso, Espresso, Veronelli, touring, Panorama, the Italian Academy) have long appreciated the culinary art Restaurant Hotel Noce, former name of Carne & Spirito.


Reviews and Press

The Espresso Guide Restaurants of Italy 2013

The prestigious guide Espresso Restaurants of Italy in 2013 devoted an article to the restaurant Carne & Spirito by assigning a score of 13:

"It has changed the furniture, less formal, has changed the proposal, but always close to tradition, centered more on the meat ... and the prices were trimmed

It then continues by highlighting the change

So the renovated restaurant has to offer ... such as polenta and cod or pike in tanning, ravioli with radicchio with gorgonzola cheese as well as meat quality as the American Black Angus. For an account of the 50 euro. "