Lo spirito non manca mai


A surprising, rich wine cart

Wine sampling: An elixir for the spirit

Sampling of our grilled meat menues and afrodesiac cousine requires the proper elixir!

Download our wine cart, exel format, so you can appreciate our 700 national and international labels, perfectly stored in the cellar with a 15 Celsius constant temperature and the proper umidity level

Lovers of T-Bone Steaks will appreciate our Tuscan Wines Selection, even from tremendous vintages and almost unobtainable (the legendaries 1990 and 1997). Beside the unfailing wines from our territory, french wines find a wide place, with particular attention to Bourgogne and Bordeaux.

For “Bubbles” Lovers, as well as the best Franciacortian Sparklings, we propose a wide selection of Champagnes. We keep in our cellar huge size wines (magnum and double magnum) perfect to be opened with friends. Nor the small producers have been forgtten, with their biodinamic and organic principles.

After the meal, Meditation and Dessert wines served by the glass, and a special list of distilled.

Wines by the glass

Our wine card will make the choice quite hard. You can trust the wise counceling of Paride Pedroni, but if you'd like to try more than one quality, just ask for wine by glass, Our modern dispencer allows to inject Argon gas in the bottle as the wine comes out, preventing contamination and oxidation.

We can so offer an intresting spectre of possibilities, always updated, with perfectly stored wines, like they were just opened.

Carne&Spirito joins, moreover, the “Portami con te” (take me with you) Campaign, made to foster the sampling and the wise and concious use of wine. Got to drive after dinner? You'd like to open more than one bottle but you fear you could not finish them? No worries! The opened bottles can be taken home with you

A safe, refreshing sleep after dinner

If you just cant stand the Breathalyzer, remember that you can always take a nice, deep sleep in one of the confortable rooms of Hotel Noce!

Wine list

Take Me With You

The Authority Vini Bresciani bringing together consortia of producers of wines with denomination of origin of the Province of Bresciaamong the measures aimed the enhancement of protected designations of origin by the consortia members, thanks to the collaboration and support of the Province of Brescia, Chamber of Commerce of the Region of Lombardy, of 'Agriturist of' Onav and Group Restaurateurs Vallecamonica, in order to stimulate the consumption of bottled wine from Brescia at the restaurant promotes the campaign "Take me with you".

In recent times, the trend of consumption of bottled wine in restaurants is in sharp decline. The factors that determine this phenomenon are many and not least the recent regulations on the consumption of alcoholic drinks have certainly had their share. That's why it was decided to give life to an ad hoc initiative. The intent of creating a new promotional campaign led a team of experts in communication and image to study the packaging for this new initiative which will start on the entire territory of Brescia and allows the customer to take home, put in a bag "with the right outfit "after being uncorked, the partially consumed bottle.

Restaurants and all operators in the sector, will be able to directly request Ente Vini Bresciani the Kit reserved for them consisting of a fair allocation of flyers, posters and window stickers that affixed to the entrance window of the restaurant will identify the membership to initiative, tote bags bottle holder that the caterer will be able to customize with his own business card, caps packed in individual packaging, as well as an eye-catching totem display to hold bags and caps. The initiative is expected to be of great interest both for the restaurant that will offer an additional service to its customers and consumers who will have the opportunity to continue the "pleasure" of the evening in their homes.

For more informations: -Ente Vini Bresciani - Viale Bornata n. 110 –Brescia – Tel. 030364755 – Fax 030364775 email: ufficio@entevinibresciani.it