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The main eno-gastronomic guides (Michelin, Il Gambero Rosso, Espresso, Veronelli, touring, Panorama, the Italian Academy) have long appreciated the culinary art Restaurant Hotel Noce, former name of Carne & Spirito.


Reviews and Press

Gambero Rosso Guide Restaurants of Italy 2013

The prestigious restaurant guide of Italy's Gambero Rosso dedicates an article to the restaurant Carne & Spirito assigning a fork and a score of 77

"By changing the order of the addends does not change the result. Metamorphosis Noce remembers the commutative property: the name is changed, the cut of the room, the price, but the end result remains that, which is an extremely reliable address. Paride Pedroni has thought of a new formula: via the elegant tablecloths and fish (fresh and expensive) and to a large menu that follows several proposals for tasting (bonus) ... always quality raw material that makes flesh his heart. you can share a bourguignon or a Florentine, but there are also selected meats and cheeses. "...

He then goes on talking about the wine list

".... The wine has not lost enamel, counting as usual Italian and foreign goodies with the always interesting section of the" last bottles "for great drinks at reasonable prices. To all adding new selection of proposals by the glass with a dispensing machine of the latest generation "...  Download the full article in pdf