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The main eno-gastronomic guides (Michelin, Il Gambero Rosso, Espresso, Veronelli, touring, Panorama, the Italian Academy) have long appreciated the culinary art Restaurant Hotel Noce, former name of Carne & Spirito.


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Brixia Baccus

That's how it is described by the magazine Brixia Baccus restaurant Noce, whose twenty years of experience was born the restaurant Carne & Spirito.

Palates connoisseur. Noce Restaurant in Brescia. We know it is present in Brescia for twenty years, Paride a few more, but only three years ago in a moment of glory he wanted, and to be honest, been able to, renew everything.

continues on the front page saying:

The restaurant "Noce" looks contemporary, elegant and offers fine cuisine in meat in fish and Sicilian guaranteed shellfish. In these three years, that Paridedefines "pleasant ordeal," was deservedly capable of renewing the environment not only in design and service, but also in the cozy atmosphere that welcomes guests who want to satisfy the personal appetite and concludes:

e conclude:

The valuable collaboration of two people in the kitchen and as many in the room allows him to stand out with an appreciable level in each dish as I have personally observed. Duty for appoint the legendary Florentine carried out exclusively by the same supplier for twenty years and served only after one month of chilling. I stress with particular satisfaction the 700 wines that honor his cellar with that niche of 80 labels of champagne in favor of a remarkable world of amateurs.

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