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The main eno-gastronomic guides (Michelin, Il Gambero Rosso, Espresso, Veronelli, touring, Panorama, the Italian Academy) have long appreciated the culinary art Restaurant Hotel Noce, former name of Carne & Spirito.


Reviews and Press

"The Noce leather change in the sign of meat"

And 'the sign changed, the furniture is changed, most of the dishes have changed , but, fortunately, the idea of ​​cooking has not changed, the explicit choice for quality that has led this restaurant to become one of the best in the city.

Thus begins the review that, today, the Giornale di Brescia dedicates us

Critics Aldo Corte and Filippo Mori have awarded the restyling of the local, and enjoying the "easy and friendly" atmosphere

and the extraordinary richness of the meat specialties by type, cuts and preparations, "the classic and rare American Black Angus, the heifer of Prussia for the cut, the Piedmont Fassona for the thread, the Bavarian scottona for" cube roll "or for traditional tartare, the Milanese perfectly cooked with its bone still pink, composed of the rabbit, the Cinta Senese pork, the jugged hare

And, after a overview of the tempting menu at a fixed price, the review concludes with a (very welcome) "Always amazing (and affordable) wine cellar."

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