Fuoco, fiamme e fantasia



Grilled meat and bourguignon: let groped by our specialties

At the restaurant Carne & Spirito of Bresciameat is synonym of passionate love, but also of the "lustful" tasty food par excellence. As long as  the animals are fed and cared for in a real code of ethics. The meat is cooked on the grill by direct heat: the intense heat form a surface layer that prevents the release of juices, preserving taste and tenderness. The flagship of our cuisine are:


Tomahawk Ribeyeexclusively from Australia The Carnivores Delight: the Tomahawk Ribeye (the real Cowboy Rib Eye) It is a rare cut of asutralian beef, a crossing between the prized Black Angus and Wagyu Kobe Beef (the Japanese beef). It is one of the most flavorful and succulent steaks that you can find, it can be enjoyed only in the best Steak House in the world, primarily in the United States. Natural, free of hormones and antibiotics, bred in the wild and fed only corn.
This particular meat is taken from Kobe beef, which is raised in a very particular way: this breed of cattle, in fact, is genetically selected to have a meat rich in unsaturated fats that are mixed with the meat itself, not positioning on the sides as it happens for the "normal" meat. The Kobe beef is renowned for its flavor, tenderness, and fatty well-marbled texture. The marbled meat during cooking takes on a delicate and velvety flavor, while maintaining its tenderness. The traditional Japanese recipe requires cooking the meat on hot grill.
Best expression of the fillet, when the tenderness of the fillet meets the taste of meat on the bone.
Beef cooked on the grill after a month of aging. The term is well suited to the unattainable sublime goodness of American beef raised in the wild, the Creekstone Farms Premium Black Angus in the USA, variety Prime (top of the line). The natural breeding grazing free, powered by supply chain and certified checks evidencing welfare of the animal are synonymous with safety and delicacy of the meat, which have a strong flavor. persistent Fiorentina is made ​​up of the famous steak tenderloin, sirloin and T-bone in the middle. To match with the great Tuscan wines choosing among the 700 wines of our cellar.
The delicacy of the Italian meat par excellence. The fillet is the cut of meat prized for its tenderness, La Piemontese, which is part of the Slow Food presidia, is one of the most prestigious races in the world, the flesh is unique, thin, but at the same time very tasty. Certified chain, strict controls, brand protection and best cuts enhance the nutritional and taste of this great breed.
Il Bue Galiziano, è una delle più pregiate carni al mondo. La “Bionda di Galizia” prende il nome dal suo manto dorato, dal particolare colore del suo grasso, e dalla regione in cui viene allevata, la Galizia al nord della Spagna. Cresce libera in grandi pascoli e si nutre di erbe autoctone, cereali e castagne: vivere allo stato brado…ha il suo gusto. Il sapore ricco con note leggermente speziate è avvolto nel prelibato grasso giallo oro e cremoso che conferisce una consistenza inimitabile. La frollatura è di oltre 60 giorni.
Available only in autumn and winter, to be prepared and savored slowly and joyfully. The Fondue Bourguignonne is a typical Swiss preparation, which consists in browning meat cubes, melted in hot oil and then dip in various sauces. To contain the oil is a particular object formed by a container of cast iron having a conical shape, which narrows at the mouth to avoid splashing of oil to escape. This container is resting on a tripod, and is heated by a stove . To complete the service there are dishes with compartments to hold various delicious sauces and long forks of metal that are used to pierce the meat and fry in hot oil. The forks are marked with different colors in order to recognize their own during the browning of the meat.