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The main eno-gastronomic guides (Michelin, Il Gambero Rosso, Espresso, Veronelli, touring, Panorama, the Italian Academy) have long appreciated the culinary art Restaurant Hotel Noce, former name of Carne & Spirito.


Reviews and Press

Eurocarni "Feel sizzle a distant echo"

The magazine specializes in meat has dedicated an article at the restaurant Meat & Spirit:

"Once called Noce Restaurant, the restaurant opened its doors in January 2012 and was ordained to the meat. With the new onomastics Paris Pedroni has turned to the exotic cuts: Tomahawk Ribeye, Australian-born, Black Angus, Kobe, as well as Fassona fillet, cut and beef tartare, horse sirloin, marinated duck breast, salted pork, jamón iberico.Is not the taste for the exotic that invokes the carnivores to the court of Paride Pedroni ... but the taste in itself, understood as the gratification of the palate, mission which anyone who sit on a table spread feels invested with" 

It then continues by quoting some of the fine meats that you may enjoy:  

"Tomahawk Ribeye… teak with bone impresses with the presence of this eye-catching" handle "(the name indicates Tomahawk axe originally used by Native Americans) ... In the rooms of Carne & Spirito materializes aswell the Black Angus only in premium quality, which finds the best marbling, which ennobles the chewing and what ensues due to the infiltration of fat. Moreover refers to cattle that fifteen days before slaughter are fed only with the best quality corn. Beneficial contamination of fat also enhance the Cube Roll that ismade with Black Angus. "They are a kind of medallions, soft fillets tasting particularly "buttery” ...    Download article